Business intelligence for your hearing care practice is just one click away.


Nightly updates on a robust suite of the KPIs that actually matter in a hearing care practice

Know exactly what’s happening in your business – and why – with dozens of critical KPIs calculated for you at the clinic and/or provider level across any time period you’d like.


High level indicators such as Revenue, Units, & ASP


Production breakdowns based on New vs. Existing Patients & Upgrade vs. First Time Units


Ratios that level the playing field such as Revenue per Hour, Conversion Rate, and Return Rate

Patient Flow

Monitor the top leading indicator for future sales with New Patient Appointments and Opportunities


Take control over our industry’s #1 threat by keeping a close on eye on this segment of your business (and the market)

Cost of Goods & Gross Margin

Analyze your COGS by manufacturer, technology level, provider, and more so you can improve your margins


Know where you’re headed with forward-looking KPIs

MVP’s prescriptive analytics help you understand at every moment where you’re projected to land on a number of key metrics and what’s driving your performance, so you can make managerial changes when needed and affect the end results.

Monthly Forecasts

Know every single day where you’re likely to end the current month

Annual Forecasts

Keep an eye on where you’re projected to finish for the current year

Multiple Metrics

View forecasts for Revenue (including separate projections for Hearing Aid and non-Hearing Aid Revenue), Payments, and Units

Schedule Utilization Rate

Evaluate the health of your schedule based on a variety of appointment types and looking out any time period of your choosing


Save time and money by automating reporting and data analysis

When you use MVP, you’ll never have to pull another spreadsheet again.


Nightly updates from your office management system (OMS)


Web-based and available from anywhere with an internet connection

Zero Resource Load

Enormous suite of audiology & hearing aid focused KPIs, available with just one click and zero effort from you or your team

Custom Modules

Ask us about automating any of your manual processes, such as provider compensation calculation, managing AR, and more


Track performance to goals you’ve set – or let MVP help you set them

Setting goals for your practice is crucial – they give you direction, help you identify what’s important, measure progress towards success, and help you stay motivated and accountable.

Multiple Metrics

Track Revenue, Payments, Units, Hearing Aid Revenue, Non Hearing Aid Revenue, Opportunities, New Patient Appointments, Revenue/Hour, TPA%, ASP, and Conversion Rate to the goals you’ve set

Flexible Time Periods

Month-to-date, quarter-to-date, year-to-date, or any custom time period you’d like so you can see at any point in time if you’re on track

Goals by Clinic and/or Provider

Set goals not only for your company as a whole but down to the clinic and/or provider level

Daily Feedback

See every day how you’re performing to your goals so you can make confident decisions sooner when you need to change course

Smart Goal Setting Assistance

Collaborate with one of our data analysts to deeply understand your business’ past performance, seasonality, and other trends in the data in order to set aggressive but achievable goals for the future


See how your practice stacks up with benchmarking to similar-sized practices

While no two practices are the same, MVP’s millions of rows of anonymized data can help you understand where your performance is strong and where you have opportunity to improve.

Retail Pricing Analysis

See how much revenue you’ve missed based on your pricing strategy vs. the MVP average

Visual Insights

Using color, MVP tells you WHY you’re over- or under-performing relative to your peers with insights on the most critical KPIs

Database Performance

Understand what percent of the patients in your database are ready for upgrade and what percentage you've upgraded in the past 12 months, and compare your performance to that of like-size practices

Time Lapse

Visualize how your performance by day compares to the MVP dataset over a time period of your choosing (nationally or in you region only)

Market Share

Your market share & penetration rate

Visualize where you’re strong and where you have opportunity to grow so you can make strategic expansion and marketing decisions.


Understand your market based on population, age, and income

Your Performance

Unit Market Share, Revenue Market Share, and Penetration Rate based on your practice data

Market Details

Proprietary algorithm that calculates Hearing Aid Revenue, Hearing Aid Units, TPA Revenue, TPA Units, and Hearing Aid Users for every zip code in the country

Medicare Advantage Analyzer

Medicare Advantage penetration along with private pay and TPA units by county, plus Medicare Advantage enrollment by plan and how that's changing over time


See which of your marketing efforts are working

Make the most of your precious marketing dollars when you understand exactly what each campaign is delivering to your bottom line.

Multiple Metrics

Revenue, Units, New Patients Scheduled, and Opportunities by Referral Source

Detailed Analysis

Understand changes in Referral Sources over time for each metric

Patient Profiles

New vs. Existing to quickly monitor these different segments of the business


Weekly insights about your practice performance delivered right to your email inbox.

Understand how your business is performing and where you're projected to finish the month, with just one click on your phone, iPad, or whenever you check your email

Comparison to Expected Values

See how your Revenue, Payments, Units, and New Patients Scheduled performed compared to the expected values last week


Automatic updates without you or your team having to lift a finger - and delivered right to the top of your inbox


Automatic updates without you or your team having to lift a finger - and delivered right to the top of your inbox

Permissions & Access Levels

Send the right information to the right people in your organization - management can see it all, and providers can see just their own clinic if you prefer

Achievement to Goals

See if you're on track to hit your Revenue, Units, ASP, and Non Hearing Aid Revenue goals