Hundreds of other practices are using the power of business intelligence to outsmart their competition. Here’s what they have to say about My Vitals Pro:
My Vitals Pro has really been a game changer for me for efficiently running my practice. It allows me to always have a pulse on my practice health in an all-in-one system. My Vitals Pro has given me so much insight on everything from how my marketing is performing to how my providers are doing and how they are tracking to the goals we set using MVP. It has been such a relief and an asset that saves me countless hours that I used to spend trying to track so much data. It is one of the best things for my business that I have ever invested in as a private practice owner. I would not want to run my practice without it.
Nicole Anzalone, Au.D., CCC-A
Syracuse Hearing Solutions
Camillus, NY
1 location, 6 providers
Everybody should have this.
David Lisko, Au.D.
Nationally Known Audiologist
We love My Vitals Pro! The setup was quick and easy, and it’s wonderful to have so much information instantly available without having to run a bunch of individual reports. MVP saves us time and helps us analyze data to make better business decisions.
Jennifer A. Bebee, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA
Western Colorado Hearing & Balance
Grand Junction, CO
3 locations, 6 providers
My Vitals Pro is phenomenal. I love numbers, and this tool has provided me with great insights - not only looking in the rearview mirror, but forward looking as well. I have multiple offices, multiple providers - this tool gives me a very clear picture of exactly what's going on by provider and by location. With MVP, I can closely track our marketing results and see exactly where our sales come from by location and provider, which is critical for deciding where to spend to ensure we are getting high return on our advertising investment. It's so amazing to have the ability - in 1 beautiful tool - to look both backward at what happened as well as forward at where we're headed with a light shining on what changes we may need to make to ensure continued success and growth.
Ken Wood
UpState Hearing Instruments
Redding, CA
5 locations, 5 providers
As a business owner with multiple providers, in the past I have spent hours pulling reports and aggregating data to get a big picture view. My Vitals Pro has totally replaced all of those efforts and is exactly what I need to have a complete view of what is happening in my practice in real time with individual providers, as a whole, schedule utilization, and even benchmarks to other similar sized practices to see how we're performing. This tool has been a game changer for me. I can now focus that additional time on other aspects of growing the practice and make decisions more quickly and confidentially with the data that is readily available to me.
Melisa Zimmerman, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Pacific Northwest Audiology Bend, OR & House of Hearing Audiology Clinic Boise, ID
Bend, OR
4 locations, 6 providers
I saw a presentation about My Vitals Pro that piqued my interest. After a full demo, I was hooked. The MVP dashboard compiles all the data from our clinic (updated nightly) and presents it in a user-friendly, easy to understand format. I’ll no longer need to spend 2 days a month completing my own Excel reports. The best part? I can compare my metrics with those of other clinics around the country to see where we stack up. If there’s another tool like this out there, I haven’t found it (and I’ve been looking).
Jordan Coates
Coates Hearing Clinic
Smithfield, NC
1 location, 3 providers
My Vitals Pro is nothing short of AWESOME! To see where things stand at a click of a button is great!
Autumn Edmiston
Swift Audiology
Pittsburgh, CA
3 locations, 4 providers